STEP 1 - Sign up/Sign in

Registration is required for new users who wish to win freebies on the Justfreestuffz website. Signing up is easy and free of charge, simply complete the details in the user registration section, provide a valid phone number and you are good to go.


STEP 2 - Play

Play will be activated through various sessions. Details of the offer and the session will be communicated via our Instagram platform.

Immediately the session is active, the winning numbers for the offer will be revealed(scrolling on top of the active offer).

Each registered user will see the prize on offer and have a chance to click ‘I want this’

Once the button is clicked, the user gets a notification showing his/her ranking.

The button is then disabled for a period of time as defined by

On countdown, the user is able to click again as long as the freebie session is still active.

If the users ranking number tallies with any of the winning numbers, the user wins the freebie.



You can also watch our how to play video below




Prize claiming and delivery

User will get a winner pop-up notification immediately your number tallies with one of our winning numbers for the day.

At the end of the session, our customer service officer will reach out to you via your mobile number and you will also receive an email with instructions on how to claim your prize.

A user who has won in a game session may not be allowed to participate in the next couple of games (this will be as defined by JFS)


Hints and Tips

Follow us on Instagram and turn on notifications to know when our offers are on.

Visit our website everyday – We will have daily freebies on offer every weekday and some weekends wink

Need cash for the weekend?  Dont miss our TGIF cash offers every friday.

Watch out for our 'first time winners' saturdays - The saturday airtime recharge game is restricted to users who have never won on our platform since we launched.

If you have more questions, visit our frequently asked questions page